Medical Assistants

Aileen Diaz, Registered Medical Assistant & Billing Manager


 Aileen Diaz is a mother of three beautiful children. She has always made her children her priority and as they have grown, Aileen Diaz has had more time to pursue other endeavors. Aileen has an extensive background in medicine. She received her medical assistant degree in June 2008.

Aileen Diaz is married to a wonderful husband, Dindo, who is
a software engineer. She enjoys cooking and reading.  

Maria Socorro Nunez Aguilar, Registered Medical Assistant



Maria graduated from Everest College in Norcross, GA on January 2011. Maria is fluent in Spanish and English.  

Maria was born in Atlanta, GA. Her family is from Michoacan, Mexico. She enjoys playing with children and making people laugh.  

She wants to make a difference that is why she became a medical assistant.  

Medical Assistants

Mariana Perez, Registered Medical Assistant


 Mariana graduated with her medical assistant diploma from the Sanford Brown College on 2010. She is bilingual, fluent in Spanish and English. 

Iris Hernandez Jimenez, Certified Medical Assistant


Iris is from Hidalgo, Mexico. She grew up in Atlanta, GA. She received her diploma from Blue Cliff College,  Gulfport, Mississippi . She graduated on January 2017. She is a certified medical assistant. She is bilingual, fluent in Spanish and English.

She has 3 kids and enjoys spending time with her family. She is passionate in helping others and patients.

Medical Assistants

Brenda Rivas, Medical Assistant



 Brenda was born & raised in Los Angeles, California. She moved to Georgia in 2016. She graduated from American Career College, LA, California on May 05, 2012. She is fluent in English & Spanish. She loves to spend time with her family. 

Hershey Canovas, Medical Assistant


Hershey was born in the Philippines. She moved to Georgia in 2013. She received her medical assistant diploma from Sanford Brown College, Atlanta GA. She graduated in 2015. 

She loves kids and enjoys taking care of her nieces & nephew.